Climbing through the fog. I see but 30 feet in front of me. We are climbing, and it doesn’t stop. I’m out of gears, in pain, sweating all of last night’s beer out of my skin before the sun is above the hills. We climb on.

The gravel road levels out, bends around and opens to a vista. An entire field of fog, perfectly back lit with silhouettes of trees framing the edges, burns off every so slightly, allowing a surreal scene to unfold. We see the valley below, and the picturesque body of water at the bottom. The fog frames a landscape one might never see twice. It’s perfect, and beautiful, and we understand it is a reward of our hard work.

We spend some time soaking in the fantastical atmosphere, completely unaware of where we are, unburdened by any troubles or stress. We are thankful for this gift of beauty the land has offered us. The dense fog rolls in again. We climb on.


shitbike needs a westy

So I went up to mount Tam again. This time with a four legged beast, the mythical legend, the Westfalia.

I had to go take care of a photo shoot for school and thought it would be a great opportunity to meet up with my friend James who owns a bitchin’ one. We packed up a few bikes, some beer and headed for the hills.

Image Image


I know the Westfalia-Fever is pretty rampant around these parts but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to catch it after just one trip up a mountain. Well, I was wrong. These liitle adventuremobiles have quite the reputation for very good reason. Pack everything you could need in it, and get to any campsite within 100 miles in a day no-problem. Road trips, day trips, weekend cruises, after work rolls, these vans do it all and make you look awesome while doing it.

Image Image

We hung out on top of the mountain and had some beer and coffee (which we made on a gas stove inside this awesome piece of awesomeness) for a couple of hours before heading back home. no stress whatsoever, a couple bucks of gas and money for dinner, that’s it.



I need one of these.


The Rider & The Wolf

This is the story of Mike Rust and all the unique and great things he did for cycling. Check out the trailer and keep and eye out for the movie.

I am super excited to see this movie and encourage everyone to get out and see it. I found some awesome quotes in the trailer, so I can only imagine how much wisdom the movie will share.

“The bicycle has a great past ahead of it”

“Nothing was garbage, everything was useful, everything had a purpose.”

More info here.

shitbike visits Bike+Design

All you have to say to get me in a crowded dark room with a bunch of people I don’t know is “free beer”. That may have been all I heard in the description of Bike+Design, but what I got out of it was more than some extra calories and awkward interactions.

b+d04 b+d03

Bike+Design is a series of talks with some of the best designers and influential people in the cycling world today, where each sit down and describe their connection to the bike and the culture of bikes in the Bay Area. This talk, called “Everything but the bike”,  included designer Garrett Chow of Mash, Simon Fisher and Nathan Mack of Giro and the CEO of Strava Michael Horvath. They each work with the bike in their own way, helping people to experience it in a new or better way. From shoe color and decal design to brand marketing and gps ride tracking, these guys help us fall in love with our bikes and how we ride them.

b+d02 _MG_7165

To myself and many other bike-lovers, Garrett Chow is somewhat a celebrity for his work at Mash and Specialized. His ability to turn a simple frame into a work of art is a talent few have. His talk gave us a look into his inspiration and his roots, and shined some light on his true motivation.

Giro has long been a force in cycling helmets and is now innovating in the world of everyday cycling apparel. Simon and Nathan gave us a look into the history of design and the most recent creative leaps at Giro. A chronological look at their history in helmets all the way to present day with the new camouflage Empire MTB shoes and the all-new apparel line.


If there’s one thing to say about Giro, it’s that they are a company that really strives to help their customers enjoy riding bikes. Designers have worked hard to get comfortable and good looking clothing to everyday riders like me. They answer the question, “why not feel good and look great while riding my bike?” Check out some of new apparel here

shitbike has yet to track a ride on Strava, but it’s bound to show up sometime soon. The whole idea around shitbike is somewhat contrary to the challenge and competition of Strava but there is no denying that this application brings together cyclists from all backgrounds in an effort to create a friendly community of bike riders. Mr. Horvath gave us the rundown on the company’s goals and current projects. If you’re not on it already, give Strava a try and see how it works for you.

b+d01 b+d06

Bike+Design was such a good event. All the great talks, free beer and rubbing of elbows really made it something unique. I’m lucky to be in a part of the world where so many people appreciate bike culture the way these people do. I’ll be sure to catch the next installment in support of CCA and IDSA SF and their amazing bike-building classes.