I’ve been bad…

I know I haven’t been posting like I should. I had a helluva summer. Lots of work (two jobs) and lists of school, plus a ton of fun too. I’ll post little stories about all my adventures and a bunch of photos too!, but for now I want to put out a little post – ease back into it. So here, a little of what I’ve been up to.

Beer with friends. Because fuck yeah. Beer. Yes, beer. And some more beer. I don’t remember much after this photo of a tranny touching up his dirtbag glam.




Camping! And lots of it! I’ve been camping almost 10 times in the last couple months. More of that to come later. I have to say I have grown super fond of the mongoose all racked up with a full load, bombing down the fire roads of Northern California.

And lastly, I went on a great vacation with the lady friend. We took a break from the city and reset our brains. I have a bunch of film to scan in and I will share those photos.

Ok so expect a couple posts this week and next. Lots of good shit to share with the world.

Btw, does anyone have a spare front wheel? shitbike is in dire need.


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