MAP is just another word for notsoshitbike

Not so long ago I found myself in the middle-of-nowhere Sacramento chatting up builders from all over the state, one of them happened to be Mitch Pryor from MAP Cycles. We rode for a little while and talked about his most recent endeavors and how he really loved his job. Mitch just moved to Chico after calling Portland home for 5 years, and is anxious to get the ball rolling in the Golden State. So lets get to the reason you are here – Mitch’s very own MAP Cycles rig, a very notsoshitbike.



map04 map05


map06  map08

My favorite part is that this bike is actually used. It’s not afraid to get down and dirty, there was grass and pods all over it by the end of the ride. It’s no showroom piece, even though it’s got all the bells and whistles needed to get in. The new PAUL QRs, a Son dynamo attached to a Schmidt Edelux Headlamp and Carradice Bags are all perfect additions to a beautifully made frame.


Mitch was riding light but you could tell the bike could carry a full load gracefully. It handled miles asphalt, gravel and some pretty good dirt sections without a peep from its rider, and looked good while doing so. I’m glad to have had the chance to photograph a bike with it’s maker, especially a MAP.



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