a most well loved notsoshitbike


I got the opportunity to go shred with Victor from Archive Bags the other day. We went to GG park to get a little gnar and I couldn’t leave without photographing his sweet Serotta. I’ll keep this post short and sweet being that I should be working on finals, but I couldn’t keep the photos to myself any longer.

_MG_9319 _MG_9325

So yeah, this is a pretty badass bike. It’s a 97 Serotta CMS, and I don’t really know what that means because I couldn’t seem to find more than a sentence about this bike online. Serotta made an ATX, a C4TI, and a whole bunch of other models, none of which are the CMS, so if you know what this bike actually is let me know. This elusive frame is a beautiful example of Serotta’s craftsmanship. It’s been shredded and tossed up and down trails for almost twenty years and still holds up like a man.

_MG_9330 _MG_9327

The bike has gone through a couple of owners and shows it’s years. This is probably the most beat up looking notsoshitbike I have featured, but the maybe the most well loved. As they say, “The best bike is the one you ride.”


With Chris King up front and some assorted Shimano throughout, a sweet old San Marco, Schwalbe tires, some Mudfoot decals and of course an Archive saddle bag made out of old Thomson bags, Victor’s CMS has a unique character and bunch of style.


A big thanks to Victor for helping me with a little homework photo shoot, and for letting me shoot this beautiful machine.

_MG_9276 _MG_9305


2 thoughts on “a most well loved notsoshitbike

  1. CMS = Colorado Mountain Steel, made of Colorado Concept Tubing. Has a smoothly tapered seattube at the BB junction, which is a Serottas trademark. Super rare and rides super nice!

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