shitbike needs a westy

So I went up to mount Tam again. This time with a four legged beast, the mythical legend, the Westfalia.

I had to go take care of a photo shoot for school and thought it would be a great opportunity to meet up with my friend James who owns a bitchin’ one. We packed up a few bikes, some beer and headed for the hills.

Image Image


I know the Westfalia-Fever is pretty rampant around these parts but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to catch it after just one trip up a mountain. Well, I was wrong. These liitle adventuremobiles have quite the reputation for very good reason. Pack everything you could need in it, and get to any campsite within 100 miles in a day no-problem. Road trips, day trips, weekend cruises, after work rolls, these vans do it all and make you look awesome while doing it.

Image Image

We hung out on top of the mountain and had some beer and coffee (which we made on a gas stove inside this awesome piece of awesomeness) for a couple of hours before heading back home. no stress whatsoever, a couple bucks of gas and money for dinner, that’s it.



I need one of these.



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