this year’s base miles


This time last year I was busting my ass out on the road, really putting my nose into the ground. In one month I put in 1010 miles of base mile training and at least four practice races. I was going to be the ultimate bike racer, and decided this was the first thing I would ever dedicated 100 percent to. I rode in rain, shine, tired or.. I was tired all the time. I went on a chicken and rice diet, trained every single day, went to bed early every night and somehow managed to keep my full time job, full time education and my hot girlfriend. It was a hectic and stressful time, I lost a bunch of weight, became super awesome fast and learned a lot about bike racing and bike riding (the latter being the most important). Sometime during the end of the season I burnt out and started a blog. I wanted to start having fun on a bike again, and so I did.

This year I am doing base miles a bit differently. Chill rides, different bikes, never counting miles or going near a Garmin. When I see a rain cloud I get these flashbacks of frozen hands and nether-regions, enough to keep me inside lurking the blogosphere for the latest awesomeness in bike culture. I go for rides with friends and end up doing a wheelie or two, eating french toast or tacos, and knocking back a few while I’m at it. This year will be different, I am gaining weight and getting slower but having more and more fun on two wheels, keeping that motivation and trying new adventures. This year is different, this year I will dedicate 100 percent to remaining happy on a bike and keeping that fire for adventure throughout the seasons. I suggest you do so as well.


p.s. shitbike is mad i got a new bike so i will be putting on an event in the short future to bring back the glory of it’s existence- stay tuned. 


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