Darin’s notsoshitbike

This is by far the nicest bike I have ever taken photos of. It’s a beautiful, strong, fluid, mean, rock eating machine. Custom built and uniquely designed for one guy, this extra long rigid frame single speed is not everyone’s cup of tea. Myself, I could drink this shit all day long.
darin02_1 darin03_1
In my mind, Darin’s bike is a masterpiece and a true example of the craftsmanship custom frame builders put into their work. It also exemplifies the cooperation between a frame builder and his client. Darin wanted an extra long top tube, Sean did it. Looks ridiculous, but that experimentation and open mindedness can’t be found elsewhere.
It’s hard to understand without seeing it in person, but this bike is huge. It looks even more so next to this tiny thing but you get the point. Built for shredding some singletrack, and pretty enough to hang on your wall at home. I’m glad this bike exists, and I’m even happier I got to play around with and take photos of it.

My favorite part of the bike is best explained by quoting a bit of our conversation during the shoot. I place the bike precariously in a wall and hope to god it doesn’t fall but just in case I ask, “Hey are you going to kill me if this thing falls?” He responds, “Hell no man, I ride that thing!” This is no showroom floor model, it’s out there getting dirty and creating stories to tell.

When I asked Darin what his favorite part of the bike was, he didn’t say the tubing or wheels, nor the frame as a whole or the smooth ride it delivers. He said surely and with conviction that it was his hooker sticker.
darin04_1 darin06_1


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