Cultivated palates and unexplained love for shitbikes. A piece by

A friend sent me a link to this piece the other day. Everything about it is awesome but one quote sticks out for me-

“We rather like our old steel bikes in central Denver. I mean, anyone with no taste and a decent-sized paycheck can walk into a Performance bike shop and drop a couple grand on a brand-new, light and fast road bike. But it takes a cultivated palate to drag some 20-year-old piece of shit out of someone’s garage, or a thrift store basement, and turn it into something really special.”
-taken from “Nick + His 1991 Trek 970, 4-Ever: A Love Story” at

Nick searched for his bike, found it and loved it. His “cultivated palate” shaping the end product and out popped a beautiful looking shitbike, the black and pink splatter Trek 970.

Be sure to check out this and other great stories at


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