little trip, big adventure.


it was time to leave the city, and i was unprepared. quick to grab my multitool, forgetting to feed myself and running out the door with an urgency for adventure. packed up on four wheels, a light load and a weighted haul. a camera or two, a tent and some paper bills to trade for alcoholic beverages. off to the north, away from the dullness of everyday life.

minitour02 minitour03
too bad for the adventure, a time constraint lorded over me. an engagement had previously been arranged less than twenty four hours after we began riding and I was due back in the city that evening. the plan was for me to ride up, assist in beverage consumption, take a breath or two of fresh air and then mash through the night back home. the plan worked, and better than we thought it would.

minitour01 minitour05
so it was, up to the trees we went searching for what little escape you can find in a day’s travel from the city. north through corte madera, north through fairfax and then over the hill to lagunitas, up a trail and into the cool shadow of the forest. the plan; ride bikes, drink beer, think not of work nor responsibility.
as we traveled up through the suburbs and automobile infested cities of the north bay we set a slow pace and stopped when we could. snapping a photo here and there, refitting a chain there and there and there and there, and sifting through bags for a wallet that was thought to be left at home. on the bike path, slow cruise, helmets off, sun roasting our legs, this is january in san francisco.
over the hills with gears poorly suited for the challenge and descending into our last stretch of road. a quick jaunt to lagunitas where we grab some grub and some pounders for the camp. it is here we meet larry the old bike tourer seeking friends. larry excitedly announced he too was headed for the campsite and followed us up the road. that is until we missed the only turn and elected larry our new guide.

minitour12 minitour06

minitour15 minitour09
that old man hauled ass down the correct gravel road and we were at the camp in no time, eating roasted turkey sandos and putting back some pabst. a fire was started and the sun sunk slowly. classic rock lifted with the hot air into the trees and we sat enjoying the colors of the sky. the babbling brook, the monstrous trees, the blackness coming over us, all come together and ease our spirits into a relaxation seldom enjoyed.

minitour08 minitour07

minitour18 minitour19
a smoke around the pit and then it was time to enter the black abyss between myself and my destination. I’d say it was a challenge, riding into the dark with no companion and only slight motivation but the ride was uneventful and not much more than dark. truth be told the nights beverages may have had a strong effect on me, for parts of my journey seem forever lost in that black night. I made it home, I felt the adventure in my legs and in my soul. I only then realized this was just a taste of what is to come, a look into the future of things when adventure is not a hope but a way if life. soon.

minitour17 minitour10minitour11


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