jared’s notsoshitbike


You know what it’s like to have a pretty lady walk by your shop every morning, making your day a little brighter and putting a smile on your face? This bike is that lady. Almost every morning I see a flicker of red in the corner of my eye, as quick as it appears, it soon vanishes. Every now and then I have the great pleasure to watch this beauty roll by and now I have finally been able to capture it in photos. A beautifully simple build on a 1985 Specialized Allez. Pristine decals and a flawless paint, this bike is a time capsule of Specialized bikes “before it became the monster it now is” -Jared.

jared04 jared03

some questions I asked Jared the owner-

why ride a classic steel frame, over a carbon race machine?
Keep in mind that this is my commuter…The lockup-ability of a steel bike alone is enough of a reason, but in most cases I feel like steel takes the beating that our SF streets can dole out.

why the roleur setup?
This particular setup was initially for sub-24 hour camp trips, but I’ve found that the trunk bag is a much more elegant solution to a rack/pannier setup. The Soma rack up front is for bigger stuff (beer).

does it have a name?
Hahaha sadly it doesn’t have a name…do people still do that?

what was your favorite adventure on the bike?
A couple of years ago some friends and I rode out to Sacramento for NAHBS and camped. We had a blast getting there and even more fun seeing all of the beautiful bikes.

jared05 jared01

Thanks to Jared for letting me shoot this beauty. The simple intentional build is not only great looking but a perfect example of the shitbike lifestyle, just get out there and have a good time.


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