a dfl for christmas

shitbike rolled down to the park (go figure) to attend the holiday installment of DFL. some good racing, accidental cross-dressing, and good times unfolded over the half marked course in the woods.
dfl3_04  dfl3_15
dfl3_05 dfl3_09
dfl3_08 dfl3_10
its always a blast to come out to these races, every time is a unique experience. this edition included some serious racers who dominated most of the field and stayed in the pain cave the entire race. a fun course, this one features rutted terrain, sandy-death-trap-esque downhill 90 degree turns , dusty run-ups, giant log barriers, and useless u-turns.
a huge turnout for beautiful bikes. everywhere you looked there was another great looking two-wheeled machine. some for crushing, some for cruising and all for having fun. Someone even had the same idea as I and did some Bay Area Bike Smash.
dfl3_01 20131227-072640.jpg _MG_7812
I am definitely looking forward to the next race, and maybe shitbike will actually get out there and rub elbos with the other guys, we’ll see.


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