Not so shitbike

I want to introduce a new project to the blog. This will be an ongoing photo series (hopefully weekly) of beautiful bikes along with a little information on how they came to be. I will be highlighting the many bikes around me that have been built from scrap pieces, old builds, friends old groupos, or simply built in the spirit of shitbike. They can’t be stock, and they’ve got to have some soul. The goal is to show you guys that a bike doesn’t have to be brand-new or a pristine condition vintage to be something worth talking about.

So if that intro is enough setup, here is the first installment of notsoshitbike.

20131031-130501.jpg 20131031-130451.jpg

20131031-130442.jpg 20131031-130433.jpg

A perfect condition Klein Q Pro XX, with a swapped out Bontrager fork and SRAM components. This beauty sold for over $3.000 when she first came to the world and was built for less than $500. Used by the owner as a speed-machine adventure-mobile, this thing was built with one purpose; having a great time. As stiff as any new carbon frame, lights as a feather, and with a kick ass paint job (the only kind you get from Klein) this bike is a perfect example of a notsoshitbike.

Frame: Klein Pro XX- Red/Yellow

Fork: Bontrager- Unkown model

Wheels: Mavic Helium

Groupo: SRAM Force (main purchase)

Keep an eye out for more notsoshitbike posts in the next coming weeks.


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