Bay Area Bike Smash photos and more

Bay Area Bike Smash was everything it sounded like it was going to be. A complete success, an utter disaster and nothing but fun the whole way through. A couple of friends got together on Sunday and rented out the pretty blue Bay Area Bike Share bikes for some fun on the dirt. These kiosks sucked, not simple at all. You could probably walk to work faster than you could rent out a bike. But we finally got some bikes out of the stations and were on our way.

20131022-141331.jpg 20131022-141322.jpg

Being that these bikes weigh about 50 pounds and make it incredibly hard for anyone to get up to top speed, we were tired after just getting to Mt Sutro. Planning for a couple loops around the park, we hydrated and got on our way. The hardest part of the entire day was lugging those lead weights up the stairs into the park.

20131022-141359.jpg 20131022-141447.jpg


All fueled up, we hit the dirt. It was a perfect day under the trees and we were ready to shred. At first we thought it was going to be a shit show, the tires were as slippery as ice and the handling was kinda off. Once we got used to them, we were really impressed how easily they went through the trails. A bit heavy, and bit wide, but a very comfortable bike to ride on the dirt. The bikes even have lights just incase you’re worried about someone riding down the trail onto you, and racks for all of your stuff.

20131022-141412.jpg 20131022-141628.jpg

20131022-141709.jpg 20131022-141431.jpg

All of us crashed at least once, we hit a couple dozen trees and had to stop a countless amount of times to give the bikes a running start up the hill. We could have stayed out for hours shredding on these things, it was just too much fun. Fearing the time limits and extra fees we hurried (as much as you can on these things) back to a station. In the end i learned- The BABS kiosks suck and its a bit expensive to go ride for a small time, The bikes are fucking awesome, Everyone should try this at some point, and eating a hardy breakfast would be advisable for any ride on the BABS bikes due to their weight and unwillingness to move.

20131022-142051.jpg 20131022-142026.jpg

I tried my best to put together a small video of the event, check it out but don’t judge my skills.


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