Bay Area Bike Smash this Sunday!


The Bay Area Bike Smash ride is less than a week away and its time to go over some details.

Who: Anyone

What: Riding Bay Area Bike Share Bikes through some tricky terrain

When: Sunday the 20th at 12 noon (yeah it changed from Saturday)

Where: Sutro Mountain trailhead

Why: Because it is going to be fucking awesome.

Here are the closest BABS stations where you can pick up a bike-

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 1.05.59 PM

The closest stations are at Market and Van Ness, and Market and 10th. Simply bring a credit card and rent the bike out for a ride. We will meet at the entrance to the Mt Sutro trails and hit the dirt soon after. We will do a couple loops and might end up in Golden Gate Park if people want to. The plan is to get the bikes back to the stations within a couple hours so we don’t get charged for a late return. From whatever station we end up at, we shall then go to pillage the closest corner store for some alcoholic beverages to be enjoyed at the nearest park. You should be getting the point that this isn’t the most well-planned shindig, but it will be a blast. Be there.

Lastly, to get an idea of who is interested, RSVP through a comment here, on facebook or on instagram,


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