shitbike goes to a Soil Saloon

shitbike cruised down to a secret location hidden deep inside the Golden Gate Park for a race known as the Soil Saloon, a festive and ridiculously irresponsible event held in effort to intoxicate riders whilst they ride around some gnar-ass half marked course in the trees. If dfL felt “at-home” for shitbike, Soil Saloon was just about as close to nirvana as you can get.

Ride your bike.
Hit 3 checkpoints at some point during the 45ish minutes (all include alcohol).
Collect a card per lap, whoever has the best hand at the end will win something awesome.
Take a jello-shot.
Drink some beer.
Show your penis for a free lap.
Try to make it back to the start for the festivities.


20131015-091649.jpg 20131015-091700.jpg

shitbike sat and bro’d down with the wilderness and watched everyone pass by. Among the riders were a couple of Bike Fridays, a child chilling in a child seat on her father’a bike, multiple mountain bikes and single speeds with a surprisingly small amount of actual cross bikes.

20131015-092747.jpg 20131015-092759.jpg


20131015-092938.jpg 20131015-092950.jpg

When all was said-and-done, at least three penises had been exposed, a bucket of jello-shots had been consumed and a good crowd of people were intoxicated standing around a Tyrannosaurus rex. A man in a cowboy hat started throwing free things into the crowd, awards were given to the winners and wieners, the keg was finished and conversation was had. A lot of good people showed up, and all for one good person. Yes, it was a Soil Saloon, but it was also a fundraiser for Chuey from Chuey Brand in support of his legal expenses for a case involving Chuey and some sketchy accusations. If you have ever met the guy you know he is incapable of the actions he is said to have committed. Truly the nicest guy I have met this year, support him and his fight against this injustice. Donate here or just buy his fucking awesome products, any income is probably helpful.

shitbike will definitely make it out to the next Soil Saloon. Come chill, take jello shots and try to survive the mayhem.

20131015-104242.jpg 20131015-104327.jpg


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