Hanging out with Huckleberry Bicycles

I got the opportunity to sit with the guys over at Huckleberry Bicycles for a little bit just to experience an average day at the shop. I’ve talked about this shop before and just how good they are, but I haven’t ever spent some real time hanging out and soaking it in.

If you didn’t read my post on finding the right mechanic, I’ll tell you this, every mechanic here can do everything you need and more while also being not-a-douchebag. The shop is a well designed, open space with raw wood and and bike memorabilia everywhere. The retail portion of the shop is neat and to the point, they don’t carry anything you don’t want and everything is of the highest quality. Their bike selection is wide and can fit anyone’s needs. The service shop is where the magic happens of course but the intention and dedication to quality all over the store is what makes it a success.

Kevin and Mike man the shop. They are always willing to hookup a quick fix and get you on your way. The guys are super knowledgeable and modest enough to tell you if your problem is outside of their current capabilities. Changing tires,wrapping bar tape, swapping bottom brackets or rebuilding your entire bike, these guys have it down.

I can’t stress how nice the whole gang is. You walk in an you feel like you’re at home. Vinyl records are playing, there are pictures of Eddy Merckx on the walk and the smell of bike grease in the air. The only thing they are missing is beer in tap. Next time you get a flat on the way to work, or when it’s time to invest in some new wheels, or maybe when you want a new riding jacket, go support this local bike shop.

20131011-164633.jpg 20131011-164649.jpg


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