Been drinking too much beer

I love many things. I have an unhealthy obsession for other things. Drinking beer is one of those “hobbies” I have taken up, that has slowly turned into an obsession. I gave myself a challenge not so long ago to try as many new beers as I could. So every time I went to grab a brew, it had to be something I had never tried before. It was an interesting challenge, one that opened my eyes to all the good (and bad) beer that is out there. I have grown to appreciate the art that is craft beer and have developed a serious respect for the people who make it available to average people like me. So after a summer of empty bottles and good times, I added the number of new beers I had tasted. 99 beers down and only tens of thousands left to go. I wanted to celebrate making it to 100 beers, and to do so I got one more beer I had yet to try. I sipped on a huge bottle of Hellhound (on my ale) by Dogfish Head while sitting on a roof in the Mission, and wished to the beer gods that I could one day be paid to do this. I will continue this bad habit, and continue to learn about beer and it’s importance in society and beer culture through one-on-one interaction with the magical nectar, and continue to preach it’s true goodness to anyone who will listen. Grab a beer you have never tried this week, pop it open and enjoy a unique experience. Good or bad, it’s all about the adventure.

20131009-200533.jpg 20131009-194327.jpg


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