shitbike goes to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is a weekend-long, free music festival held in the beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. shitbike rolled down with his girlfriend to check out some of the last day’s festivities.

Everyone had the right idea and we knew we arrived when we saw the endless rows of bikes piled high in makeshift racks. Quick to find an empty spot, we jam our bikes in unapologetically. I thought we were close to the entrance of the festival. Only 30 racks later (all of which were far past a healthy capacity)did we realize how wrong we were. Seems everyone rode their bike here, it was like a museum of frames from all different eras and styles.


So we finally get to the good stuff. Shows were set up all over the park and music filled every space in between. We hit up Towers of Gold, one of the many cleverly named stages in the festival, where Allah Las is playing. Sat down with some friends, had some beer and some good times.






Yes, that is a man handing a coconut full of rum to a young woman. And yes, that is a head on a spit, marked with the number of the devil.

We had quite a time. Sensory overload is an understatement for the entire afternoon. I’ve never rubbed shoulders and recycled breathing air with so many people at one time. It was a good thing, too much of a good thing. Time to go. The lady-friend and I hit the road, of dirt. All smiles.


Be sure to check out this and other festivals in San Francisco. I know I wasn’t planning on going down but I do have to say, after having such a blast I will try hard to experience more of what the city has to offer in music.


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