Bay Area Bike Smash

shitbike has been eyeing those pretty blue bikes sprinkled through the city, and has come to the conclusion that they are just too damn clean and new. It’s time to rough ’em up a bit.
Join shitbike out at Sutro Mountain on Oct 19th for the first Bay Area Bike Smash. The goal is to see a good amount of those pretty little bikes in the trenches around Sutro, and yes only bad things can come of this. We’re going to try our best to make these bikes look like they fit in on the streets of San Francisco without taking anyone to the hospital.
To get the bike, find the nearest kiosk at Bay Area Bike Share dot com. You need a card and it will cost about 20 dollars depending on how long you plan in being out, but it will be worth the money!
It’s going to be fucking rad! I will be out there with shitbike, beer and cameras to capture all the action. So be there, be a part of it, because the city probably won’t let it happen ever again.
Let me know if you have any questions, hit me up on Facebook(shitbike) or Instagram (@shitbikesf) and tell your friends.


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