Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Race

On sunday the Bay Area Super Prestige CycloCross series started, and what a blast! A ridiculously sunny day greeted a couple hundred riders and spectators out at Candlestick Park near Daily City. The course was challenging and relentless. The fields were strong. The sun beat down hardest just as the elite field was on its way, perfect timing for an extra challenge.


Through the starting straight and into the loose dirt, the guys were around the first corner in a flash. A good crowd lined the course as they made their way through the run-ups and over the barriers. The attrition was quick, and many didn’t make one full lap before they solemnly shouldered their bike and walked to the nearest flat-kit.

sp03 sp04

My girlfriend and I joined the greatest group of cheerleaders and we heckled until our throats went dry while shitbike sat in the grass admiring the sky above. The atmosphere was as to be expected, light hearted and exciting. Everyone joined in, men, women, even the kids went for a lap or two. The race was a different experience than DFL, but no less fun and inspiring.

tylersp01 sp05

I had a blast and can’t wait till the next race. More heckling, and maybe a costume. Keep an eye out for shitbike and good luck in your cyclocross season.

sp04 copy sp02 copy

sp03 copy sp01 copy


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