CX Party Down

Last night was CX Party Down. What is CX Party Down you ask? Its a blast of good art, good people and great times. A meeting of the minds of cyclocross lovers in the bay area. At 111 Minna Gallery a group of photographers, videographers, bike builders and apparel designers got together to celebrate the beginning of cyclocross season with beer, nachos and even some chicken and waffles

Image Image


A huge amount of people showed up to support the artists, and for good reason! There was some amazing photography from races like dfl and even World Cyclocross Championships, beautiful bikes from Falconer, caps from Chuey Brand and much much more.

cxpd4 cxpd03

With our fill of art and beer, it was time for a shitbike cruise to a Mission burrito. A small group of us headed for the first hole-in-the-wall we could find do enjoy some salty drunken-night desire. After failing to find an open establishment, we wondered down a side road off Valencia and found Pancho Villa. Inside we found spicy burritos (the best i have ever had), mariachi entertainment and the perfect cap to the night.

cxpd06 cxpd07

Unfortunately, this was the last time my friends even sat on their saddles. Some bastard decided to borrow them for some crack in the Tenderloin… Lock your saddle!


The entire evening was a success. I met many new friends and found some exciting new art. I am looking forward to seeing all of them and hopefully more next year for another get together. Thank you dfl, thank you 111 Minna, big shout out to Brian Brooks and Jeremiah Blum for putting the entire thing together. 


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