a TCB night out

shitbike rolled over to the Rio to celebrate TCB’s 4th birthday bash. Another good year down and it was time for some booze and festivities.


20130925-203301.jpg The bar was alive with every courier in the company. TCB merchandise I had never seen was sprinkled throughout the crowd, familiar faces nodded as I passed by. I found a seat near the back of the patio where I took it all in. Taking a swig on the only acceptable beverage of the evening, a can of Pabst, I conversed with a friend and observed the night. 20130925-210047.jpg

We took it inside for some live entertainment and a little raffle of goodies donated by Archive, Fresh Air, MASH and a bunch of other great companies, all for raising the funds needed to run the new TCBCX team.




The night went on and on, celebrating four good years of the best courtiers doin their thing in San Francisco. These guys are the nicest delivery boys you will every meet. They earn their keep and deserve the respect (and tips) of any high class waiter. Call them up when you’re getting the munchies and keep them in business so we can have a 5th birthday bash.

20130925-213257.jpgOne more whiskey and shitbike rolled home.


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