#shitbike cruises the city

#shitbike went for a cruise through the city yesterday. A much needed break from the first week of classes, it was good to get out on some dirt and breathe some ocean air.
I stopped by the Crissy Field to spectate some boats flying by.

Then it was off to Land’s End where I found a trail I wasn’t allowed to be on (the best kind) and went to see something new. The trail is easily accessible, super flat and has some of the best views I’ve seen in the city. You can hear water crashing over the cliffs below, wind flowing through the trees above. It’s a good break from the sound of the city.



You climb some stairs and cruise around some more trails until you’re spit out right above the Sutro Baths and Cliff House. If you have never bombed the Cliff House hill, I highly recommend it! It’s like being sucked down a water slide into the Great Highway. A quick stop to enjoy some salty air.

The Great Highway was closed to cars and cyclist took advantage of the event. We were able to ride all over the road instead of the ridiculously pot-holed shoulder they usually force cyclists to endure. I decided it was a good time to start mashing and spun #shitbike’s little cranks as fast as they would go.

I painfully made my way up Twin Peaks via Sloat and Portola. #shitbike held together while climbing and I made it to the top drenched in sweat.

It was time for a beer so I descended into the city and threw one back with Bret the man in Alamo Square. 20130919-111353.jpgIt was a good cruise. Fresh air, good views, a little sting in my legs and some craft beer with a friend, I couldn’t ask for a better day out on two wheels.


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