the first #shitbike

In 1817 Baron Von Drais invented the first two-wheeled walking apparatus designed to get him around the grounds of his presumably large royal gardens. The desire to go further faster, in order to see and experience what could not have been previously, drove Von Drais to solve the problem of human inefficiency in regards to transportation.

To take a horse was too much of a production, and to walk would mean shortening any distance of travel by miles. And so the very first shitbike was invented. So shitty was this contraption that later models were dubbed the “bone-shaker”. Made of solid wood and metal, the ride was anything but smooth and the wheels never mastered anything but a paved road. The rider was subjected an overly-rough ride while suffering a wooden saddle. The most important point though, was that a human could now go anywhere he/she desired (within reason), without the trouble of tacking up a horse or carriage. This innovation evolved over 200 years, all the while enabling humans to experience the impossible. Bikes today may look very different, but they do the same job of getting us where we want to go, to see and experience new adventures.



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