a day off

The last time I took a day off was a couple of months ago, and I spent the entire day working on a separate project while still placing orders and counting coffee bags at the cafe. A quiet day with the bike and myself has long been overdue.
First on the agenda was a slow cruise up Hawk Hill to see the sun rise on another day in the city.


The view was spectacular and the perfect way to start the day. The fog had swallowed the city, gigantic bodies of cloud engulfed the hills and bridge. I hadn’t seen colors like that in the sky since I left Tucson Arizona. Sitting on a bench feeling the ocean breeze I soaked it all in. Once I couldn’t feel my fingers I hopped on my bike and made a sloppy return to the city.


I grab #shitbike at home and head for breakfast near the park. A little cafe named Velo Rouge where entrees like the Mt Ventoux are served. One order of the Arguello Breakfast with ham and scrambled eggs, all the way. Powered up and ready to go, I decide to hit up the park.



Anyone with half a brain can see #shitbike is not made to go off-road, hell it barely survives being on the road, but I take to the dirt when I get the chance. With one gear and a chain that jumps off like its designed to do that, #shitbike provides an extra challenge for the non-dirt-savvy-lanky-tall-roadie people like me. I’m ready for disaster as I head down the first trail I find in Golden Gate Park.

It’s a slight learning curve from the Santa Cruz 29er I usually ride through the dirt. Wheels heavy in the mud, tires offering no grip around the turns, brakes caked in cement and frame completely rigid. I blast through the trails and look increasingly like a fool. My brakes are screaming for mercy and my whole body is covered in dirt. I don’t care, I’m going one more time.

After gunning it through the last puddle I could find, I felt accomplished in my day of fun and exited the trails back into the city. A good dose of fun and carelessness to start my week and back to work tomorrow. It’s things like this I’ll daydream about until I’m back at it. Until next time, this is #shitbike.


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